The Green Party of Arkansas supports progressive taxation

Progressive Taxation, is such that the tax that a person pays increases in percentage as the income of the person increases.  We oppose all sales taxes as being regressive – that is, a tax that is proportionally a greater burden on those who have less income.  This is not only a matter of simple justice – those who have received more from society should pay more in return to society – but it is also a matter of practical reality.

The most recent session of the state legislature in Arkansas, dominated by the many newly-elected Republicans, has passed a large tax cut benefitting the upper income levels in the state.  The Green Party of Arkansas also supports fiscal responsibility, and cutting taxes to such an extent seriously threatens the balanced budget that has been an economic strength of the state throughout the recent and on-going economic recession.  Those who promoted the budget-busting measure will no doubt be calling for a cut in services to the poorest and most vulnerable of the citizens of Arkansas when the state starts to run a deficit as a result of their reckless, and ideologically driven, tax cuts.

The Green Party of Arkansas supports a repeal of the recent tax cuts in order to maintain services to the people and to preserve a sound budget for the state.