The Green Party of Arkansas opposes the recent anti-abortion bills passed by the Arkansas legislature.

These laws are patently unconstitutional and have been so ruled by Judge Susan Webber Wright.  The Green Party of Arkansas supports the laws in Arkansas as they existed before the most recent legislative session, and believes that the Roe vs Wade decision was soundly based on the constitution and that no laws in contravention of the Roe vs. Wade decision should be allowed to stand.

The Roe Vs Wade decision was based on the finding of the Supreme Court that the U S constitution recognizes a right to privacy.  This is the crux of the decision and those who oppose the decision constantly attempt to claim that there is no right to privacy in the constitution.  These folks of course actually do believe that they have a right to privacy – they would not want the government barging in their homes, reading their mail, forcing them to adopt a specific religion, or attempting to make financial decisions for them.  Their arguments against a right to privacy are transparently hypocritical.  What they really mean is that they don’t think that the particular decision to end a pregnancy is one that should be allowed to be made by a mother.  They believe that the government should not allow this choice.

The fact is that it is none of the government’s – or anyone else’s – business.  This is a matter of limiting the power of government – the government should have no power to be involved in the reproductive decisions of a private citizen.  If the government has the right to prohibit abortions, then would they also have the right to *force* them?  They do this in China.  No right to privacy in China.