The Green Party of Arkansas Supports Affordable, Universal Health Insurance

The Green Party of Arkansas recognizes that America’s status-quo health care industrial complex is not sustainable.   While the Affordable Care Act (ACA), otherwise known as “Obamacare” represents a small step in the right direction toward achieving universal health insurance coverage, it is flawed and ultimately not sustainable because it does not adequately curtail costs.  The fundamental reason for this is that it maintains the for-profit orientation of health insurance.

The Green Party of Arkansas endorses a statewide Single Payer insurance plan based on that which is gaining traction in the State of Vermont.   Medicare, a highly successful and popular form of insurance for retired Americans is a version of single payer insurance. [Research carried out by attorney and healthcare journalist Steven Brill found that Medicare is not only cost effective, but hospitals and doctors still make money and meet their budgets.

The Green Party of Arkansas advocates that the Insurance Exchange of Arkansas be reconfigured to allow for the single payer system.   Innovation waivers and Medicaid expansion funds from the federal government will finance a single payer system, despite much lower insurance premiums than those that citizens will pay under Arkansas’s Republican-Democrat Insurance Exchange and inefficient private Medicaid plan.  Thus, a single payer insurance program for Arkansas will be sustainable and in line with the mission of the Green Party of Arkansas.